1. The sunrise is beautiful (and the sunset is stunning)
2. You might/probably get to pet a precious dog or cat today!
3. Your best friend might call! (Or you can call them. Catching up is always nice and fun)
4. I know you feel alone sometimes, or maybe even a lot, but there are lots of people who love you.❤️
5. Coffee.
6. Aesthetic pictures on Tumblr👍
7. Music that moves you, brings back happy memories, or calms you
8. Flowers are gorgeous and you’d miss them
9. Fall is coming!!!!!
10. Inside jokes with your best friend
11. There’s still that one bold thing you want to do with your hair
12. And you’re still trying to perfect that Instagramable eye makeup
13. Fruit. Fruit is awesome. I would miss fruit!
14. Your favorite sweater that you’ve had forever but can’t get rid of because it’s too comfy.
15. Clean sheets. Oh laaawd yes! Or even better, freshly shaved legs in clean sheets!!!!

☀️I know things get rough and at night, everything seems to be worse. Hopefully this short lil post will get your through the night. I love you💖

by: http://amomymos.tumblr.com/post/165069073670
pls read her posts, she is amazing! !