I have problems. Well everyone does. So I do not think that this will bother many people. I am depressed and mental stressed. I hate so many people without a reason and feel annoyed by everyone. I just hate people because they always want to talk or want physical contact, like hugs or touching your face or something. God I hate those things. I lost interest in so many things. I just have fun in some things. I have sleeping problems, too. And above it all I feel like I am a disappointment. To my family, to my friends and even to myself. I am the black sheep. Everyone else is so perfect and then there is me. Having bad grades at school, not being interested enough, hating so many things and actually not being able to find a job. I finished school a few months ago and I wrote many applications but I was not invited to any of those companies. It was disappointing and I started thinking that it was my fault. I was the disappointment. I worked as a waiter in an ice cafe for about two months but hated it there, too. I am not even able to keep a job. Well I was not very good at this waiter thing and my boss was not nice. So I decided to leave. And till then I am just at home, doing nothing. Okay I watch series and clean up the flat sometimes but that is not what I want to do. I want to work as a graphic designer just as my mom. But I can not even find a job. So what am I supposed to do with my life? I am a disaster. My life is a disaster. I am almost at that point where I want to give up.