• you are beautiful
  • you are not fat or too slim
  • you can do whatever you want (legal things :) )
  • you can wear whatever you want
  • you can say whatever you want
  • you can be whoever you want
  • models are not a beauty standard you should follow
  • famous people are just people too, they don´t deserve hate comments just because you don´t like them
  • you shouldn´t judge other people, you can be you, they can be them
  • gay people are just humans like you and they don´t deserve this hate for being themselves and loving who the f*ck they want to love (same for other people in the lgbt+ community)
  • eating healthy is better but eating junk food makes happier
  • boys will hate and boys will love, but they´re just boys (same for girls)
  • don´t be selfish
  • comfort your friends when they´re upset
  • quit fake friends, no matter how hard it seems , it´s easier when you get distance
  • please, love your parents! Maybe they´re annoying and don´t let you do things your friends are allowed to do, but they just do it to protect you. Love them and show them because they´re imperfect humans too trying their best to raise you to a independent adult

With that being said, keep in mind that these things are part of a happy life and I know that everyone of you deserves it!

< you don´t know me anyway >

P.S: If you have any topic I should write about or questions or you just need someone to talk, then send me a message and I´m replying as fast as I can ♥