So I don't name all of my collections with a name that instantly tells what it is inspired by, so I thought I'd just write what they really are about


This one is pretty morbid

This collection is about school and hate, but I won't tell the whole story about it. Some will know exactly what it is about, and some will wonder. It's really up to you to find out if you really want to know.

[Melancholic Days]

Clover Johnson is my main character in a story I am writing

This collection is about the teenager Clover (Her real name is Alva). The story is about her time in school and how her life changes when there's a school shooting. It's about survival, loss and love.

The World

Positivity and mental health issues

This collection is all about positivity and spreading happiness. There's everything from mental health issues to different sexualities. War, peace, differences etc.

Movie collections featuring OC's

Avery / Mr. Pink
Nicoline / Hugo Stiglitz

The Enigma of Catherine Page

Riddler centered fanfiction

I made this collection for my fanfiction (titled the same as the collection). The fanfiction is a Telltale Batman - The Enemy Within fic featuring the Riddler as the main focus and my OC Catherine.