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"The wind danced in Ivy's hair, throwing it off of her face, tangling the curls with its long fingers"

Chapter 1

It was a very cold day in New York and even a hot cup of coffee in her hands couldn't help it. At least that's what Ivy thought as she dived deeper in her coat. She had just moved here a few weeks ago and the cold weather was something she still had not gotten used to. Someone had told her that it would get easier, but she didn't really believe it. How could someone get used to cold? At least after the sunny beaches in Florida it seemed basically impossible.

The wind danced in Ivy's hair, throwing it off of her face, tangling the curls with its long fingers. Her curly brown hair was always messy and usually she just kept it in a ponytail. Just to save twenty minutes -the time it took her to untangle her hair- every morning. But today was an exception. Today was a special day. She was going to meet one of her oldest friends after five years. And for her she would do anything. Jump off a bridge and even brush her own hair.

It was already pretty late in the afternoon and people were getting home from work. The street was crowded with people of all ages. Old lady carrying her cat in a backpack, a pre-teenage gang with their skateboards and an elderly man sitting on a bench beside the street. Ivy loved how every single individual had a different story to tell. Different opinions and different perspectives. That was the beauty of life. All the pretty and ugly minds mixing together, creating the atmosphere. Creating New York with its crowded streets.

Ivy walked down one of the lively streets in Brooklyn when someone bumped right into her with force. She let out a surprised shriek and tried to get her balance back, failing miserably. And before she even had time to cry out she was lying face down on the cold ground.

"Great! Just amazing!" she mumbled in frustration. "Watch were you're going!" she shouted after the person.

Her words had no effect what so ever and soon the person in a black winter jacket had disappeared amongst the crowd.

Faltering she got up just to realize that her phone was missing. Just a minute ago it had been in her right hand, which now was empty. She whirled around searching the ground around her feet, but only thing she could see was her spilled coffee. She threw her hands up and felt a small panic smolder in her stomach. After standing there for a solid minute -just staring to nothingness and trying to come up with a master plan- she remembered she already was running late to the coffee date. Without giving her phone another thought she rushed out of the scene.

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When Ivy finally pushed the cafe's door open she was out of her breath and her hair was an untidy frame around her face. Her brown eyes slid over the loaded cafe, searching for a familiar face. At the corner table she saw someone waving at her. A dark-skinned girl with black wavy hair. Mary! She started making her way to her and after a moment she sat down next to Mary.

"Come here!" Mary shrieked and shot over the table to give Ivy a big and warm hug. "I can't believe it's been FIVE YEARS since we last met. That is waaaay too long don't you think?" She whispered into Ivy's ear.

"Yes it is an awfully long time alright, but you don't have to worry anymore. I'm back and I'm here to stay."

"I have missed you so much, you know. Those late night conversations of ours" Mary said pulling away from the hug.

"I know. I've missed you too. And I have so much to tell you."

"Oh!" Mary sighed. "Me too, so much has changed when you were gone."

The time flied as the two girls talked and before they even noticed it was already a nightfall. The sun had set behind the city silhouette and the cafe was almost empty. Finally Mary stood up and said her goodbyes. And at last Ivy was sitting alone in the table with her thoughts.

So many things had changed. Mary had built herself a life here. She was in a serious relationship, she had two dogs and an apartment at Manhattan. She had everything Ivy had always wanted. All she had was a small apartment in Brooklyn and a huge pile of bills to pay. But you gotta start somewhere. Right?

Ivy was so caught up with her thoughts that she didn't notice the face staring at her at the other side of the window. A pair of cold eyes.

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