Hello everyone! Welcome to a new post :)! Simple premise: I'm Italian and I'm translating everything with an app and I hope the grammar is good -.- sorry!
Today I want to bring a new topic (since so far I've just talked about fashion and hair): what like girls about boys.
I want to say that mine is a completely personal opinion, so I do not mean that for all females it is so!
1. CURTAIN BOYS ... but not too much! one thing the girls worship are the clean guys ... but know that I do not mean that you guys need to shower every now and clean the house every day!

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2. THE MALE PRESENT. Girls like a lot when the males are nice, so do not be timid and help in all your girlfriends without however taking away their independence!

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3. THE MALE WHAT DRESS GOOD. Yes, dressing well is important! A little advice: dress up and casual, but try to be spontaneous!

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4. THE MALE THAT GIVE REASON ... not too much! during a joke, I happen with your friends, try to be on the side of the girl, but still do not be anonymous and join the discussion!
I hope this cortissimo article can be useful!
a kiss <3
Federica Giglio