The past month has been filled with new realizations for me.

It has been a little bit hard to deal with them, and with one realization in particular.

I don't want to get too personal, but it is about a person who I looked up to throughout my life.

From my perspective, this person was perfect - even though he had flaws, he was still perfect in my eyes, as much as a human being could be.

However, this person & I faced a new situation and circumstances together. He showed a side of himself that I always knew was there, but realized for the first time that it was a very bad side. As they say - great men have great flaws.

I realized that the person treated another being with disrespect & in a way I would never treat anyone. I realized that this person has also treated me like that throughout my life until he finally molded me into something he wanted me to be. Only then did he stop with it.

It was years ago, so I forgot all about it. Or chose to forget it. That's why this new situation was so important for me. It was a reminder.

I love this person and he has done A LOT for me.
Don't get me wrong - if anyone asked me, I would always say that he's a good person in general. I truly believe he was doing what he thought was the best for me.

But I realized something - no one, and I mean NO ONE is perfect. It doesn't matter how hard they try to portray themselves as perfect - they are still flawed, mortal humans. As we all are.

This realization was a little bit hurtful at first.

However, I am extremely grateful for this eye-opening situation.

For the first time in my life - yes, FIRST TIME - I am not trying to please anyone or to be anyone's cup of tea.

I live for myself. I do things I not only want to do, but think are worth my time and respect. I lead an authentic life in accordance with my own persona. And I never felt better.

This person was the one I respected the most & wanted to please the most. That's why I don't feel the need to be liked by not only him but by anyone else. My actions don't need anyone's approval but mine. And yours don't need it either.

Sorry for the long post.

It's been on my mind & I hope someone can relate or translate it to their life.

Whether it's your boyfriend, best friend, or teacher - not one person has the right to change you according to their preferences. Don't let them break you.