There's got to be more to life
More Than just these sleepless nights
This car I drive
The job I have
Can't be why I'm alive
I must have faith that what you say
About this place
That it won't last forever
But it's not a waste
Help those who are lost
And defend your faith
But do so in love
Not hate
These songs I wrote
They help me cope
With the reality of this world
And the thoughts in my head
The notes that I play
Give me some kind of way
Of escaping
It's crazy
How selfish this place has become
Really caring about only one
If it doesn't benefit us
What good would it really be
And now I must discuss
The issue of you and me
You see
My opinion and yours
They can't be the same
You close your mind like it's a door
As if this is some kind of game
I try to make you see
But with all your negativity
You become blind to other's opinions
I guess that's how you think you'll win
It's hard to win if there's no first or second place
This isn't a game or a contest
This is real life, so I'm gonna be honest
People will enjoy you more
Only if you open your mind
You're opinionated, sure
But that doesn't mean conversation is war
Don't take this as an attack
I'm just letting you know
Before you plan payback
I guess I should go
I've said too much
Just try not to burn everything you touch

Just couldn't stop writing once I started, so sorry that it's so long. Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out my music too :)