07/09/17 04:37AM

deep, depression, and pain image

Why do we feel alone in such a big universe?
7 billion people and we can't find one..
One good enough person, not to run away when they'll get to know us..
We feel insecure about ourselves..
We get anxious
We get worried
We get upset
We get de-motivated
Why?? Can we ask ourselves?
Why we put others above us?
Why we care about what others think??
Why we care about will like us or not?
We are all unique, you are you and no one can will change that..
So, stop comparing each other..
Stop thinking what others think, we have our own mind and brain and we can control it..
It's ourselves who puts us down, we let bad thoughts and bad rumors get to us bc we listen to it and we CARE.. why??

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Live your life you only have one!!!

stay unique