Be positive

Things may not always go right but with time, everyting gets better.

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Drink coffee & read books

Not just for study, read books that you really enjoy, Make it two with a good cup of coffee.

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Walk throw paths

This time of the year there will be leafs on the ground that do "scratch scratch" when you walk under them. Also enjoy the fresh brise.

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Stay with friends & family

Spend time with those who like, have fun, talk about stuff.

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Listen to music

Do a playlist for yourself! Here are some ideas you can take from and also .
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Draw something

Let your creative side shine! Draw something just for yourself. It can be something from the internet or something you have imagined! It doesn't matter what people will think. If you like it, keep it!

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Go buy some new clothes!

New colthes will improve your self estim! If you can get some extra cash it's time to spend it! Buy some cute coats and jackets that make you look fashionable and warm.

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Spend time with your pet

If you don't have one, get one! Pets are confy and good for fresh nights. You can play with them and always have love in return.

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Help someone

World is full with nice people. If you can't find one, be one! Helping someone in need it will not just warm their hearts. It will warm your heart too.

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Watch movies & shows

Do a list of new movies that you have to see. Pick one and dare to see it untill the end!

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Hope you have enjoyed my " Autumn - 10 Things To Do "!

Kisses with love โค