I am not irrelevant.
I stand here, on this Earth. A person, that exists.
I have a voice. I have feelings, and emotions.
I wake up in the morning, and wonder why I did.
Sometimes I eat, sometimes I don't.
I am a person, and I exist.
I breathe the air on this earth.
I am here. I am alive.
Please don't ignore me.
I will walk into school, and instantly feel out of place.
Isolated, alienated.
Alienated- now that's a disturbing word.
To be an alien means to be an outcast.
I will be neither.
I will walk through the halls with my head up, because I do belong there.
I will not be the person that can't get out of the crowds that have formed around me when I go just to get a drink from the water fountain.
I will shove my way through if I have to. So, excuse me for hydrating myself.
I am a person, which means I need to drink some damn water every once in a while.
I am here. I am alive.
And I need a drink so move your ass.
I exist. Right here, right now, I exist.
Please don't ignore me.
Society is an illusion. We think of our society, and how far we've come.
It's not far enough.
I was watching a video the other day. One of the people in the video said that based on how his life is now, he might as well hang out with irrelevant people.
There is no such thing.
There is not a person, not a soul on this Earth that is irrelevant.
We are here. We matter.
So the next time you view someone as irrelevant, don't forget to think about their so-called irrelevant friends, or irrelevant families. Irrelevant souls, irrelevant feelings.
Are beating hearts irrelevant?
I don't want to live in a society to where a person works their ass off providing for their family and for them self while hearing people who think they are too good for their own skin tell them they don't matter.
It's a different kind of pain, a different kind of infuriating feeling when someone looks you in the eye, and says:
"You are irrelevant. You don't matter."

I feel small quite often.
Not because I'm a small person.
I feel small because others tell me it's not my place to feel big. Like I don't have importance, like no one would notice if I didn't even exist at all.
Sorry, but...
I do.
So, how does that make you more important than me?