Have you ever had that moment when you want to be alone? If you have then you know what I feel all the time. I always want to be alone because the guy I like wants to be with another girl. He'll tell me one minute he wants me but then goes and kisses another girl. How does that work? Why does this have to happen? Nobody deserves this. So.... I've decided that I'm done. Im done with him and with other people that doesn't treat me fairly. I treat everyone with respect but I can't take what everyone does to me. I cry daily and I don't want to do that anymore. I want to be happy. I want my friends to know that I can be who I was last year and the year before. Ive changed and everyone can tell. People want the real me back but I can't do that until I let go of every problem that harms me. Friends, boyfriends, family, everything. Friends will do as much harm to you as falling off a bridge. people can destroy you and break you into a million pieces. But if you don't let them and you get them out of your life them everything will be okay.