Do you know that feeling when you look around you and all you can see are masks?Well,that's the reason why i feel like i need to express my feelings through this article.
The day i started to feel like i'm surrounded by people that are wearing masks is today.Today is the big day.The day that i've discovered this thing.
All of this began in the moment that i started to talk with a good friend.The name is not important.That friend was with his family they talked about their weekend plans.I need to say that i knew that they're having some plans for the weekend,but i didn't know that these plans are going to happend.Anyway,one of them said they're going somewhere with their family for the weekend.What made me upset was the thing that these people said that we're going together,but,well,now i'm excluded.Do you know that feeling when you're excluded from something and you feel absolutely terrible?Um,yes,that was me at that moment.
I started to think after that : What are the best friends?The people that you're trusting the most and after that you're seeing that they're disappointed you THE MOST?Who are these people?Some mask that they're putting when they talk with you and after your long conversations and secrets they're taking their mask and replace it with another mask?
In who do we neeed to trust?