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New FitTip:it's for all the girls and women out there. I want to really get into it from the very first words of this special post and be as straightforward as possible in order to accomplish my two goals for this FitTip:to empower you and to kill the stupid stereothype that stops many of you to be stronger and have a healthier,happier lifestyle.

❓How many times did you hear,thought about it or said that:"I don't wanna lift cause I don't wanna get bulky"?Tell me about it...the number is pretty hight,right?Yeah,the truth is NO,YOU WON'T GET BULKY.Let me explain by getting in some simple,straight forward science,nothing complicated:
🔎The difference of the amount of testosterone(one of the two important hormones(the other one is estrogen,that has a higher production rate in women) responsible for supporting health,for storage,repair and growth in the human body) is huge in man and woman.So as testosterone is responsible for growth in muscle mass and a woman's body produces up to ten times less testosterone than a man's body there is no way a woman could become Miss Hulk.(unless you are using performance enhacing/growth hormone drugs or you've been caught in a gama radiation blast...the last one is less likely to happen though).
Here are some great benefits of weightlifting:
↪more effective weight loss
↪increase in energy
↪increase in bone strength
↪better stress management
↪increased confidence
🎉get the boooty gains.🔥

"Strong is the new sexy."💪