I'm a rather rational person, I believe in proof, what is there and what can be defined. But there is also a part of the universe I cannot touch, I cannot define. Some sort of energy, being, something, that can speak to us. Possibly even part of ourselves.
When I was a child, I was very sceptical of the supernatural, tarot and anything esoteric. But as I grew older, I noticed that there is something else. Something that calms me when I walk through the rain, something that makes my self-doubts and issues stop when the first rumble of thunder reaches me and I see dark clouds rolling in.
Until my father gave me his tarot cards, I had no idea how to connect to that, how to even start to try and understand. It is a 40-year old (if not older) Rider Waite Tarot.

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Waite was both an academic and a mystic.

I can feel the hands it has been through, the cards warm easily in my hands. They are used, the box had bent edges and scuffed corners. There is a worn smoothness to the cards and they smell like old books do. I love them. They do not love me, but that is alright.

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I pull one card out every day, and it relates somehow.
Other times, at new moon, full moon, certain dates in the calendar, certain days where it just feels right, I lay large spreads. Spreads of 10-20 cards. Often for others, but also for myself.

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Death has never been an unkind card to me. Even as I draw it, I feel reassured.

There is always some truth, and some part of my mind tells me it is just me reading into something very vague, and I do not deny that. But it is more. There is a feeling of something, never only frightening or only reassuring, but always both.

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Choose something to help you connect: stones, shells, candles, incense. Or that one leaf you picked up today.

One of my friends reads Tarot as well, but she cannot and does not work with a traditional deck. She uses a merfolk tarot that she gained from a barter with an old sailor's widow. Sounds strange, I know. But there is a connection to the sea that newly bought cards wouldn't have. I cannot lay those cards, they are foreign to me. But to her, they speak, sing, hum and sometimes scream. She tends to describe some revelations as backhand slaps. Harsh, but awakening.

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I wholly encourage those interested in tarot to acquaint themselves with the cards. Find a deck you are connected to, cards you feel close to. Find times you feel like laying them, lay them for others.
Get comfortable, listen. Stay still and see.

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