Heyyy guys!!! <3
This is my first article here in WHI and I love it. I really adore this cool app as it's very fun here searching and posting awesome images and share ur interests with people from all around the world.Personally I get so much inspiration on WHI and I am totally myself here.Also,about this article feature I think it's a great way for people to express themselves here.
So,the aim of this article is to introduce myself to my followers or any person so as to get to know me.
My name is Ineda.
I am 16 years old.
I am from Albania.
I am so compicated tbh :p I'm quiet and a bit shy,and at the same time I really like to meet and to know new people and I don't really have many friends.But I love everything beautiful and artistic. I think I am a tumblr girl.I love photography,fashion,shopping. I am also an astrophile,therefore I love the sky,sunsets,sunrise. I'm in love with the moon and the stars and everything which fills my soul. I also love travelling and going abroad and that's one of my biggest dreams. In addition,I love music and I'm a fan of Justin Bieber.
So,that's all about me.Thanks for reading!!!

If u want u can dm me anytime. :) :)