Hello there again lovelies, it's ya girl C! (I'm starting to feel like a YouTuber wtf..)

Anyways, I've decided this time to make an article about health, since it's very very important to take a good care of your body and mind. Some of us struggle to keep up with the healthy lifestyle for our own reasons. So here I am, an absolute nobody who is not qualified to tell other people how to be healthy, giving you some tips on how to stay healthy and fit.

1 DRINK YOUR DAMN WATER SIS! You have no idea how many times I've heard and told that one but seriously, water is the single most important thing to keep in mind 24/7. Keep your cute little self hydrated by choosing a glass of water instead of juice or coke! It's pretty simple really. Go to your kitchen, grab a glass, open a bottle of water and pour that shit in the glass. Drink it and repeat for about 8 times through the day! Your skin will be glowing, your hair will be glowing and you'll be... idk glowing too!
(you can add lemon or berries for flavor)

2 EAT YOUR VEGGIES DUDE! I know some of you HATE vegetables and fruits but sacrifices need to be made in order to leave a longer, healthier life! Am I right or am I right? When you go to pick up a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips, put it down like you're a demon who just touched the bible (Supernatural fan yes) and pick up an apple or a banana. Fruits are not assholes, I mean , they help you reduce the risk of heart disease, they are rich in vitamins and are a good source of energy.

3 That's the last I promise! Work that ass baby. Go for a walk with your dog or a friend. Hell, you can go by yourself! Put on some sunscreen if you're going during the day, wear your running shoes, grab a bottle of water and get the hell out of your house! If you want to stay inside you can find work out vids on the Internet and sweat a little. Or a lot. Exercising can improve your muscle strength and boost your stamina and confidence!! It is also scientifically proven that exercising can make you feel happier, more optimistic and energetic!

And that's it! I know this article wasn't that original or amazing because it is really that simple to stay healthy. You don't have to try extreme, expensive diets to transform yourself into a healthier and better person. Just a few stupidly simple daily life choices and there you have it! I've been struggling with self image issues for a long time now and I've tried many different, crazy things! They are not worth it! I know that every and each one of us is different but I know for a fact that everyone is able to start living a healthier life!

(you have no idea how hard it was to find a aesthetically satisfying pic for this so please appreciate)