You'd think that in this 21st century, when there are cool inventions like hover boards and the selfie stick, the world would more readily embrace the female gender.

You'd think that since just about everyone has a 'mother', alive or not, the word 'woman' would have more weight, more meaning, and more power.

But NO. These days, what we're hearing are things like "Nasty woman", "slut" and unequal pay. And it looks like the world is heading in the exact opposite direction that it's supposed to.

And that sucks.

That's why as a female, especially in your youth, it's so important that you let the world see that it's wrong about you. Yes, you're beautiful, (and trust me, they know that) but you need to let them see your girl power.

And we're not talking Power Puff Girls, Totally Spies, Wonder Woman or Sailor Moon power. Oh no. We're talking real power: confident-intelligent-everything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better kind of power.

You have it inside you, you just have to show the world.

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