The best books I have read in the month of August. To be honest I haven't read all that much this month but it's still a list. And I love lists. Some of them are fist time reads, some of them are re-reads (they are marked with a *).

• A Room of Ones Own
by Virginia Woolf

virginia woolf image
So utterly amazing and beautiful and stunning

• The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

party, movie, and the great gatsby image
In spirit of the 20s

• Animal Farm
by Gorge Orwell

animals, Chicken, and farm image
Quite amazing, completely amusing

• Anna Karenina *
by Leo Tolstoy

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Whimsical, an old favorite of mine

• Anne of Green Gables *
by L.M. Montgomery

anne, shirley, and megan follows image
The sweetest childhood story, magical

I know this list is quite... pretensions! But I'm soft for the classics and try to check of 'must read' books.