Of course all race matter.
Of course all genders matter.
Of course all religions matter.

But we have to fight for the ones who have less, for the ones who are badly treated. I used to hate the sentence "black lives matter" because I thought all lives matter. But then I realized that the sentence "black lives matter" doesn't means white, indian or any other live doesn't matter. It just highlights the issue that black lives are less worth in our society. And of course all genders should be worth the same that is what feminism stands for but feminism especially fights for women because in our society women are seen as a smaller individual. All genders and all races matter but we have to fight for the ones wo are said to be less because when we fight for these "lesser" people we can one day say all lives and all genders are worth the same and I thing that's why we live. I think we live to realize that everyone is equal no matter what gender, skin color or religious believe they have.