It is our 2nd day of our last intramural. Adrenaline rushes whenever I watch our Dance Festival video. It really gave us the brightest memory which I can forever treasure it in my heart. A day before the first day of intrams, I had a fever which caused by cold and cough, it lowered my immune system. But sickness were paid because of the happiness I felt whenever I watch the outcome of our practices. Intrams performance down while other contests we aim to win will come.

We almost left each other broken by pieces again. Take note Nam, if you will be having an argument with him, try not to win it just for your ego, try to relax and let it all out freely. Soon, it will heal and you will both forgive each other.

Extra thoughts: Friendship
I was there when no one believed in you. But thank you God for eliminating the people whom I don't need to be with in my life.