Try to be happy even on sad days.The best gift in the world is that you have a life.
Never understimate this.I know that sometimes is really,really hard but in the end I know that something very good will happen ☀️ You have to be strong !Live your life!

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2.) See old family pictures.You will remember all the cool things that you did when you was younger.It can make you more happy and think more positive.

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2.) Read a book.This is the best way to relax.

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3.) Style your room with a new style.This can be really cool.
P.s. not for lazy people.

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4.) Take a deep breath.Than talk with a person.
You are not alone

5.) Buy some new clothes.

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6.) Drink.It is the best way to cure all the shit in life.
-One quote:
We drink to forget.But don't forget to drink.

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Do something that makes you happy.Only you know it,right?

Don't care at all.Believe me. No one really cares Everyone has their problems.And after some years will it have meaning?Ask yourself that.

Until next time,
Aleksandra ♰

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