One thing I've learned about crystals: THEY CHOOSE YOU!
As Blue Aragonite teaches us: Sometimes we must step away from the crowd and stay alone. That is: stay ALONE, not LONELY! While I was experiencing one of this moments in life, I got addicted. Addicted to Yoga. Addicted to Oils. Yes, vegetable oils and essential oils. I substituted almost anything by oils. And then… Crystals found me!
I don't quite remember how or when... But it was love at first, second, third, any sight since then! They started to step into my life and I – a skeptic - began to trust them inexplicably. First it was Turquoise, I can’t explain why, it just compelled me. When I closed my hand around that little beauty, I felt so safe as I can’t remember.

Completely in love, I started a little collection by instinct. I feel a urge, I go to the local stores, I lose myself in the beauty around me and I pick the ones which rush my heart. I didn’t quite understood the choosing process till I read somewhere that: you don’t pick the stone, the stone picks you!
All my knowledge about crystals is intuitive: I don’t know why; I don’t know how; I just know they’ve been helping and teaching me for a while now. My three favorites are actually rhodonite, amethyst and apache tear. I carry them everywhere! But as I'm always on the run it’s not easy, however I just can’t leave them behind…
Plus I love nourishing them. It feels like I'm nourishing myself! My costumers ask me a lot: what cleansing and charging methods do you recommend? It always brings me a sweet smile: there's several, but crystals are nature forces, aren't they? Like us! What's my favorite way of cleansing and charging energies? Pure, fresh & crystalline running waters whether under the Sun or the Moon.
I'm pretty sure my crystals love it too!!!