I question whether to hold you within or to let you go.
I stare at the life holding on to the nothingness,
Thinking I haven’t done anything but held on to the emptiness,
Oh life, how do I let you pass me by every day?
Oh life, how have I let you become so stagnant?
Trying to find the corners of the emptiness
I forgot how to look at you.

I know my priorities but not how I want to work for them,
I know what my goal should be but desert is all I see,
Mirages of the could’ve been and what ifs.
Emptiness, Why did I let you in? Why can’t I let you out?
Emptiness, you are strong, though you make me weak.
You make me question my existence,
You make me believe my demons.

I wish I knew how to quit you,
But you are my companion,
The one that never leaves.