I'm a hopeless queen
In this realm of dreams
With a crown of broken feathers
Safe behind glass bars
I only have a gossamer heart
So, so easy to tear apart
Be careful with me
Be careful with me

art, fantasy, and gold image white image

Give me a haunted red moon
Bring me a shadowed blue star
Take me to the place where everything is wrong
Maybe that is where I will belong

Flagged For Review stars, blue, and sky image

Is it ever so dark
You can't help but see?
Maybe that's why
You were so damn easy to read
Empty smiles and empty kisses
Don't know why I missed
These glass bars

background, black, and flowers image

Drowning in the flames of your pride
Burning in your oceans of shame
And it's too late
It's too late

Abusive image Temporarily removed rose, black, and fire image sea, ocean, and blue image

So fly away, little bird
Fly far, far from here
Fly away, little bird
Fly far, far from here

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Your bars are only made from glass
You can fly

bird, sky, and fly image Temporarily removed

But sometimes glass looks
Strong as diamond

crystal, wallpaper, and purple image

And sometimes
Even the thinnest glass is stronger
Than broken feathers