Everybody has those days where they just don't know what to wear. When that happens to me, I have this go to outfit I always come back to.

I'll start out with a good pair of high waisted jeans. I just feel like they're really flattering and I love them.

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I then pair my jeans with a band tee or any other shirt with something written on it, to make the outfit interesting.

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My personal favourite tees are an arctic monkeys one, an imagine dragons one, my sherlock shirt or the one that says "but first, coffee" .

As for shoes, I either pair my outfit with black booties or a pair of sneakers, depending on whether I want to dress it up or down.

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Last but not least, accessorising. When I try to dress up my outfit, I'll add some big hoops and/or some chokers and maybe a nice bag. Depending on the weather, I also add my black leather jacket.

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thank you so much for reading and supporting my previous article! I hope you get some inspiration from this one as well! ♡