On average hair grows about ½ an inch every four weeks, so knowing when to have your hair cut depends on what style you want to achieve. A good cut simply keeps your hair looking fresh, minimises the damage done by split ends, and promotes healthy hair growth. How often should you trim your ends? Read on…

Short hair: needs to be cut more often to keep it looking neat and tidy! As hair grows so quickly, you’ll want a trim every four to six weeks to keep the shape.

Medium length hair: regular haircuts at six to eight-week intervals are ideal for hair of this preferred length. If you’re aiming to grow your hair longer still, you could opt for a trim every eight to ten weeks.

Long hair: from six to 12 weeks are the numbers here to keep long hair looking healthy. Long hair breaks, splits, and thins more easily, so as soon as you notice any damage pay your salon a visit.

Coloured hair: colours, highlights, and perms all affect the condition of your hair, so a frequent trim is necessary to avoid hair becoming dry, splitting, or breaking.

Changing hair style: if you’re trying to grow your hair out and change your style, you’ll need a regular trim to minimise damage and maximise growth.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

Take a look at some frequently asked questions…

Does cutting split ends help hair growth?

By trimming unhealthy split ends, hair has less breakage, making it look thick and shiny, and appearing to grow faster as the healthy hair grows longer in a shorter space of time.

Does hair grow faster after a haircut?

As you probably thought, cutting your hair doesn’t make it grow faster. Hair growth actually starts at the follicles in your scalp, so the growth rate is unaffected by regular haircuts – it’s how you treat your hair that makes the difference, as regular trims improve the look and feel of your hair

How can I get healthy hair growth?

Hair growth isn’t really affected by styling products – what influences the growth and loss are the hair follicle. A healthy, balanced diet that provides all the nutrients the body needs to grow strong hair strands is your starting point! A good hair vitamin supplement provides a blend of zinc and iron to nourish the follicle, and a consistent intake can actually promote hair growth in women with thinning hair.

Keeping the scalp clean and nourished with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner will help create the perfect environment for hair growth, as healthy hair will enjoy a scalp free from sebum, oils, and dirt.

Will my local salon be able to advise me?

Yes of course – all you need to do is tell your hairdresser exactly how you want your hair to look for your life style, and you’ll get the cut and all the help you need to make your regular appointments so that you feel great every single day!

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