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You will never know 100% what a Scorpio is thinking even if you ask directly they will only give you what they think you can handle

In some ways Scorpions are intrigued by things that are not normal.

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Scorpions are introverts but can socialize like extroverts.

As a Scorpio you love understanding the “way of things”.

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Scorpio observe and learn people without even thinking about it.

They often find it difficult to explain themselves in words so they turn to music or art to express who they are for them.

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Why am i being so quiet? if you must know. i'm busy looking into the dark secrets of your soul...

Scorpio will forgive you,but they will never forget. They will remember every little detail of the argument even if it was a year ago.

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Don't study me you won't graduate

A Scorpio has perfected the art of being dark and mysterious while being cute and goofy

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