This is bullshit. If someone is not texting you, yet yo want to talk to them, why don't you text them first? Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that you should always be the one texting first,because if you're always the one texting first,that means there is a problem,and you should probably stop texting them.But if you just met someone,and talked just a few times,but you feel like you want to talk to them again,feel free to send them a message.Be the first one to text for a few days,so they will get used to talk to you.Then,wait for a few days,and for sure if they want to talk to you,they will text you.If they don't text you,well,you should just delete their contact.This is how I am dealing with people.For a week or so I am the one texting them first(not everyday) and then,I just stop texting them.By the time you stop texting them ,they should have already be used to talk to you,so if they care about you or want to build a friendship,they will text you first so they won't lose you.This is my advice to everyone who is afraid to text first,and to everyone who keeps texting first.If you keep texting first for weeks,there are people who will consider you needy,and we don't want you to look needy.Just give them time and space and see who is actually interested to be your friend.