If you think hundrets of crunches everyday will get you rid of belly fat or cutting out all the carbs will help you lose weight, then keep reading. Here are few of the biggest fitness myths and misconceptions debunked.

1. IF YOU'RE NOT SWEATING, YOU'RE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH. Everyone is different, some start sweating just by mentioning the word 'exercise' while others stay dry as a bone even after a HIIT workout sesion. Sweat is not a sign for an efective workout. Just like when you sweat in a hot summery day by doing nothing-this doesn't mean you're burning fat.
2. LIFTING WEIGHTS MAKES WOMEN BULKY. Unless you plan on taking steroids, have insane genetics and dedicate few hours a day to lift, then you won't look bulky. But if your goal is to have nice female curves then you must incorporate few weight training sessions without being afraid of getting 'too big'.
3. CRUNCHES ARE THE BEST WAY TO GET RID OF BELLY FAT. Unfortunately, you can't spot reduce fat. Sure, crunches will define your abs but they won't show off unless you get rid of the layer of fat over them. If you want to get rid of it you will have to incorporate strenght training and cardio along.
4. NOT FEELING SORE MEANS YOU DIDN'T GET A GOOD WORKOUT. While soreness and workout intensity are sometimes connected, how tired your muscles feel isn't always a good indicator of a solid sweat session. Being sore means that a significant amount of stress was applied to the tissue. You can have a great workout and not be sore the next day.
5. CARBS WILL MAKE YOU FAT. Many people associate the word 'carbs' with gaining weight because of the fact donuts, sweets, candies etc. are fully loaded with it. Thus people start avoiding rice, potato, bread simply because it is carbs. But apart from it, those foods have many healthy nutrients such as fiber, calcium, potasium and you shouldn't stay away from that.