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From my previous article, that received over a 100 heart in a day, I said that I'm a huge book worm, and I can recommend books to read, when you are bored.

Someone like to read book online, but I like to hold the physical version. Call me crazy, but I like the smell of it, if it is old or just bought book and the book shop.
Turning the pages, just makes me excited.

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Getting lost between the lines of the book, this is magic for me. When you can imagine yourself instead of main character, or being in that place and in that time, that means you picked the right book.

When you are a book worm, can meet with problems, which no one can understand.

Temporarily removed

1. There is sometimes when you don't have anything to read, and you start to panic. But seconds later you, found the right book and you go home satisfied.

2. Where I live it takes years for my favorite book to be translated to my language, and believe me, it is hard. There is couple book I want to have in my small library in my room, and think to order online but I have seconds thoughts.

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Now I will recommend couple books for you, which I thought where just great not to share. I won't spoil the plot and what this book is about.

1. Becca Fitzpatrick - Black Ice
2. Soman Chainnami - The school for good and evil ( the series )
3. James Patterson , Gabriel Charbonnet - Witch and Wizard.

So that is it.
See ya in my next article

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