1. My name is Anna. Female and straight.
2. I am half German, half Bulgarian (I consider myself German though)
3. Five words to describe me:
- Mature, Independent, Polite, Loner, Fun around people who deserve it.
4. I am under 18 years.
5. I am a Capricorn, born on the 29th of December.
6. I am very private, opened up and funny to the people who deserve it (haven't found those people yet)
7. I speak German, Bulgarian, English and a bit French.
8. I am currently drawing digitally, I enjoy it but I do not want to be an artist at all. I dont know what my profession should be, but definetly not art related.
9. My passions are travelling, photography (just started), music, exploring culures and so on.
10. I am actually good in school, except for Maths, I suck so much smh.
11. I am very close with my family, since I haven't found excellent friends yet.
12. I would say that I an proud/confident in/happy with myself, I have no anxiety or depression, I am totally fine!
13. Kinda sick of my current surrounding but still happy with it> I dont know..
14. I love every season but my body temperature is usually high (my hands are ALWAYS warm) so I enjoy fall, autumn and winter a tiny bit more than summer. Still love summer tho.
15. I am blonde with green eyes, tall with red cheeks.

I kinda dont know what to write tbh so I'll leave it as that for now.