Hello my lovely licornes ~

It´s been something about a month since I received a package from Yesstyle. I ordered three items there - Laneige Water Sleeping Mask and a sleeping care kit which contained this mask in a 15 ml packaging together with a lip sleeping mask in a 3 g packaging. In the both boxes there were also spatulas and with the bigger one, also a leaflet came. If you are that much fond of a korean cosmetics as me, you surely know about this "magical" sleeping mask. It´s a really popular one not only among Koreans, but in the foreign countries too.

What Laneige says about this mask?

Water Sleeping Mask is used during the night and it should provide the skin a lively, brightened and rested look next morning thanks to a puryfing effects of Sleep-tox™ technology. Mask hydrates and revitalizes skin as if you were sleeping for 8 hours. It´s primarly dedicated for those who have a hectic lifestyle and problems with sleeping.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is internationally best-selling sleeping mask with 16 millions sales recorded!

Product´s description

Large version of this mask is contained in a glass container, smaller ones are contained in the plastic ones. Mask has a light blue colour and very watery consistency. It provides a fine light scent which reminds me of a fabric softener a bit. But it´s not like I don´t like it! Mask is suited also for a sensitive skin. After a quick massage product soaks a bit into skin and scent fades away after a few minutes. Product is suited for every skin type.

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