So this is my first article please don't be so hard with your opinion about it.
I hope you enjoy it even though English is not my mother tongue and you'll probably find a lot of mistakes in this article.

I want to write about lliving in the city. I grew up in Berlin but not in the mighty city part you might know. Actually I grew up in a quiet part of it full of old people and children like me.
When I finished year 8 in school my family and I had to move from our apartement just one tube station away. And know the real city feeling came over me as this area was so much different then what I was used.
Probably because this part had a big mall while the area where I grew up had a huge supermarket which was my highlight when I was younger as there was nothing else.

The next years I had to learn that It's not usual that you know all of your neighbours: not the neighbours who live down the street, not the neighbours who live behind your house, after 5 years of living here I still don't even know all of my neighbours who are living in the same housing complex than I do.
The people here are so much more mean, they wouldn't stop if a young man would lie on the ground, it's much more dirtier than at my old home area.

But I wouldn't dare to say that I want to live anywhere else than in the center.
Moving in at such a young age gave me the opportunity to find who I want to be. There were so much young adults and all were unique while the few teenager at my old home were all the same as they wanted to conform. It was hard for me to try the same thing as I am from african descent. It doesn't matter how much I would try to be as them I wouldn't be accepted. And I'm honest: that was all I wanted when I was child. It hurted me whenever someone treated me differently because of my skin coulour altough I have been one of the best pupil in school, I was kind and everyone liked my family. I just didn't add in.

But my city taught me it's okay to be different and it's perfect to be yourself.
I met so much different people and yet at the age of 20 I still observe people who live in the more urban area of Berlin struggle to be the best and most unique of themself.

So where ever you do live don't forget that we all are unique and should live our life as we want ( of course as long as we accept each other and don't harm anyone). Bring some uniqueness in your little town, your urban area or just your apartement.

Of course it's hard to live in the city sometimes I want to escape from all this pressure of being someone special and the loud noises, but

it's just the best part for me to live.