Life went on like it always was. Well, until I discovered a whole new world called 'K-Drama'! I couldn't believe that I didn't even know that this world of k-dramas even existed.

It started when a friend of mine showed me the first episode of 'Boys Over Flowers'. And then, there was no turning back at all. Being a college-going girl, I could only see one episode a day. But believe me, this whole k-drama thing has got me hooked. So crazy have I become, that even my family is fed up of me bringing up the topic! And I'm sure that you guys are facing this same problem too! XD

Let me warn you people though. K-Dramas are very addicting! But who am I to say? I already am!
These are few of the K-Dramas that I've watched:
Boys over Flowers
Playful Kiss
The Heirs
City Hunter
To the Beautiful You
Uncontrollably Fond (ongoing)

I've enjoyed watching these shows and so have you people. Hope to meet a few of those talented actors and actresses someday! But for now, I'm just praying to get them off my mind so that I can continue with my daily life. (But hard to do so! ;-P)