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Boring weekends. They happen. You spent an entire week at school or studying or at work and then all you want to do during the weekend is meet with people and have some fun. Your dreams are crushed though when all of your friends, for one reason or another, bail on you or cannot meet with you.

What can you do when you have 48 miserable hours to spend alone in front of you then? No, thinking about how boring your life is and how lonely you feel is not the answer. It is indeed tempting to do so, I have often done it myself, but it surely doesn’t help. Crying and complaining won’t help either. You have to deal with it and to remind yourself that having some “me time” is extremely important and for a lot of people out there a privilege. The solution to an unplanned lonely weekend is thus to chin up and try to make the best out of the time you will have to spend alone.

Here you have some things I really like to do when I have to be on my own and that never fail to make me feel better. Let’s start then:

1. Working out

This helps so much! I am not a fan of exercising (although I still do it), but especially when I am irritated or annoyed I found that working out really helps me gain my positive mood back. You also feel like you are doing something not only for your soul but also for your body, hence it really makes you feel more relaxed and productive.

2. Tvshows/movies marathon.

This is a classic. If you are upset because your plan for the weekend was to go out with your friends, then this might seem like a depressing option. Nevertheless, you should never underestimate the power good stories have to distract us and make us feel happier. It happens to me a lot, a movie ends and I feel reborn and extremely productive. Also, it is a good occasion to tick off one more box out of your “must watch classic movies” list ;)

3. Plan, plan, plan!

This is a real obsession of mine. Planning. If boredom brings thoughts such as “my life sucks” then you should counterattack by planning any field of your life you feel needs a change. Just planning is not enough, of course, but it is indeed a necessary step towards reaching your goals. Everything starts off with a good plan. Dive into those lists then, and start actively thinking of what you should do to get where you want to go. Thinking about action will take your brain out of the static mode it is set and it will bring around positive energy and positive thoughts. Plan everything you can think of: next purchases, next birthday presents, trips, next week’s meals, anything basically that can distract from your current situation and make you visualize happier future scenarios and all the great things that you can make happen for yourself!

4. Shopping session

If the weather allows it, and you have money to spend (if you don’t please don’t do it, you will feel worse afterwards) then I think going out and have some shopping can really help. Buying gifts for yourself is rewarding and feels nice, it is cliché but it’s true.

5. Cinema

Maybe not as a classic activity as a movie marathon at home anymore. Going out and paying to watch something you could watch at home in a couple of months seems pointless sometimes. There are two good reasons to win over your laziness and just go. First, we all know that watching a movie at the theatre is a whole different experience than doing it at home. It is more magical and more engaging. Secondly, because going out and getting some fresh air will make you 100% feel better already. Trust me and do it. Look up what movies are now offered by your local theater; you won’t regret it. Also, going to the movies alone can be even better than going with people, try it out at least once in your life.

6. Museum/Exposition/Event

Get on your laptop and research if there is anything interesting going on in your town. Decide otherwise to finally go to that museum you walk past every morning but never step foot on. Personally, I don’t like going to chaotic events like for instance music festivals alone (obviously if that is not a problem for you, go for it!) but museums, expositions or plays require some focus and silence therefore I think they are much more enjoyable experiences when you are on your own.

7. Music

In our busy life it can often be hard to find the time to discover new music or even just relax and listen to a good album. Take this as a chance to do so.

8. Get in touch with someone

Do you remember that friend you last heard of six months ago even if you guys promised to hear from each other once a week? Well, this weekend might a good opportunity to dust old friendships off and send cute messages to do some catching up with people you haven’t seen in a long time.

9. Reading

I had to put this here of course. I am a book lover and the idea of having an entire day I can spend just reading makes my mouth water. If you enjoy reading as much as I do you perfectly know what I am talking about. Get yourself caught up in a great story, and start dreaming ♥

10. Nurture your hobbies

It can be drawing, make up, learning foreign languages, gardening or ukulele playing, if there is something you are passionate of this is a great moment to get better at it. Read articles on the internet to gather more knowledge about it, go to your favorite bookshop to look for some good guides on how to master it, watch YouTube videos to see other people’s tips and tricks. Nowadays there are endless possibilities to research a specific topic, but we are also living in a very dynamic era that doesn’t always give us the time to nurture what we love. Having a moment to do so, as I said earlier, can be a privilege. Don’t waste it.

These were my tips for when you feel lonely and bored. I really hope you enjoyed them.

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