Dear followers, readers and hearters.

I thought, I might as well get on the craze on telling a little about myself. I enjoy expressing myself in so many different ways. In music and art.
I am currently in college in Denmark - majoring in languages. I speak, Danish, French and English. These are also the languages I study. My plan is to get into Copenhagen University and study literature. I enjoy both reading and writing.

I would describe myself as a wallflower. I am not necessarily shy. But I enjoy being in the background and observe a lot more than being in the front with a lot of people. I was the student council president throughout my whole high school experience. So I've had my quota on being in the front. And now that I am in college I stay behind others, I notice a lot more this way so I enjoy being in that back a lot more. You know when you are a group of three and you all want to walk next to each other but one always ends up in the back anyway. That's me although I don't mind. Cause I am not one who has a lot to say.

My hobbies are horseback riding, drawing, reading and of course roaming around WHI. I enjoy watching anime, horror movies and rom coms. My personality is very split. Some days I love flowers, lace and romance. Other days I enjoy all black outfits, poetry about death and be completely isolated from friends and family.

But one thing about me is always constant. Food. I live for food. I am one of those who have a very high metabolism and doesn't seems to gain weight, no matter how much I eat. And I eat A LOT. Oh man. The food I have devoured in my life time.

I have an Instagram account as well. You are more than welcome to look it up and message me, if you want to get to know each other more (: