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I had this cool idea for a new article - and, well, here it is! In this piece, I'm going to channel my (not so) inner interior decorator. The way I see it, your room should reflect your personality, and, I mean, it kind of makes sense to fill your room with things you like! I've collected tips to decorate for as cheap as possible - it's surprisingly easy.

1. fairy lights

The multiple fairy lights in my room are the backbone of its dreamy feel. I've hung mine over my big mirror and up on the wall. the first pic is from my room, the rest are not!

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2. pictures - loads of them.

I love taking pictures and have two polaroid cameras that I use religiously when traveling or spending time with friends. If you don't want to invest in a camera, get creative: cut out pictures from magazines, use postcards, print some pics from the internet! Again, the first pic is mine, the rest from around we heart it.

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3. a big mirror (and maybe some smaller cute ones!)

this is essential at least for me, because 1) I love taking ootd pics and 2) my room is small so a mirror brings a bit more of that roomy feeling. You can get cheap big mirrors from Ikea or the likes. In addition to my big one, I have a small heart-shaped mirror (that cost 3 euros) on my table. I'm always dreaming of getting one of those gold-framed antique mirrors!

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4. cute bed sheets & duvet covers

I don't know about you guys, but most of the time I'm home (which isn't a lot, mind you), I spend in bed. And we all know how good fresh sheets feel - and, from now on, also look!

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5. decorate with - books?

This is honestly up to your personal preference, but I really like decorating my room with things I love, that's why, in my room, you can find stacks of books, jewellery that's hung on my jewellery organisers, movie posters, and so on.

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6. (scented) candles

who says they're just for fall and winter? I love staying up, finishing a good book in the candlelight, even if it's summer. (I'll just use summery scents!) Just remember not to leave them on when you're not in the room or are sleeping.

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