Good morning hearters! <3

I have been meaning to write an article for a while, but I haven't had time to do so yet. Now I have a little bit of free time at school, so i figured why not write one now.

My name is Helena, I am 17 years old and I live in Norway. I am a 12th grader and I study media. I am in love with everything I do here. We do everything from radio, photography, editing, writing and designing graphic elements.

In my free time when I am not at school I love to read and write. I want to write a book someday and have it published. Working out is a thing I enjoy really much, as well as hanging out with my friends. I have work outside of school, at Burger King. But I really wanna work at a bookstore or something like that.

I really like we heart it and I love getting hearts! You will be hearing more from me!

Helena!! <3