Hello gorgeous people! I'm back. Thank you for all the love xx

To start off id like to tell a you about the title,
'never give up'. It is one of the most important things you'll hear(or in this case read). Think about it, if we all just gave up we wouldn't have many of the important things that we use every day! We might even have no We Heart It! Giving up is possibly one of the worst things you could ever do.

But the worst thing to do is not try at all.
At the moment there are heaps of tryouts for different sports for this carnival coming up soon with all different schools competing. And I'll admit, I am not the sporty type. But my friend convinced me to try out for volleyball with her (mostly because she's shy). And I am so glad I she did because I would never had know that I'm actually kind of good!

Take every chance. Never give up. Try and try again. if they push you down, pick yourself up, don't wait for someone to help you.

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