1 Face

First I pass a prímer on the Catrice,
after that, I use Maybelline's instant age rewind concealer.
On the face I applied the base of the Sephora, Brightening & Hydrating
and I use the essence compact powder.

primer and catrice image Maybelline and concealer image Foundation and sephora image essence and compact powder image

2 Eyes

In my eyes I always do something very fast. I always use a tone to blur and a lighter one on the eyelid, with the makeup revolution palette. After this I always use Maybelline mascara and
finally I use the pencil in the white color of essence.

makeup revolution london and palette image colossal, makeup, and mascara image essence, makeup, and pencil image

3 Lips

Finally, I always wear a matte lipstick on my lips.

makeup, lipstick, and beauty image black, fashion, and glamour image makeup, kylie, and lipstick image anastasia, perfection, and girly image

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