you should always listen to the signs.

✿ they never ask you anything.

✿ they threat your self respect and peace of mind.

✿ they never make an effort to talk whatsoever

✿ you feel like you really don't know their intentions with you.

✿ they're not interested in your favorite things/hobbies.

✿ they ignore you.

✿ you feel this lump in your chest whenever you talk to them because you know they're going to let you down once again.

✿ they are disrespectful towards you.

✿ they make you cry.

✿ they make you want to hurt yourself.

✿ you can't remember the last time the two of you had a good laugh.

✿ they use your vulnerability against you.

✿ your best friend/friends/parents hate(s) them.

✿ you're reading this and relate.

remember; toxic people will always get their karma, eventually. meanwhile, don't ever feel like you owe them your respect or attention. instead, give them your silence and watch them become miserable when they realise what they had and didn't appreciate.