She was like a 
breeze of happiness,
always joyful, 
full of enthusiasm,
a little crazy, 
a lot mad.

Her eyes, 
like an ocean of innocence,
hypnotized me.

Her face,
with an unparalleled beauty,
mesmerized me.

Her voice was sweeter than honey, and edged a nightingale.

She inspired me to live my life.

She taught me to think
about love, life, and everything
in between.

Her actions,
her emotions,
her flick of hair.

She always lived in my heart.

But soon, I came to reality,
to senses.

For I was a nobody, and she - the princess of beauty,
who, I knew was the best for me,
but was worthy of
someone better than me.

So I took a step back,
my heart aching.
Another step, and
my heart pounded heavily.

I turned away,
killed my heart, and
lived heartlessly.