Hullo my dear humans ^^ This is my first article, and I just wanted.... to make one...I guess? I don't know, buuuuut anyway.

For awhile, I didn't even notice that I was dealing with anxiety. Eventually, I decided to look up AD (Anxiety Disorder) and came to the conclusion that I had all of the symptoms. Now that I know what anxiety is, I seem to be having trouble with dealing with it.

About an hour ago, I was listening to music which usually helps me when I feel anxious. But this time, it didn't help me at all! I have a hard time concentrating because I get distracted easily. So, how do I cope with anxiety? I have had an attack before and trust me, you don't want one of those. If anyone has some tips, please let me know.

♡ I wanted to give a special thanks to a band called Palaye Royale!! They have really helped pull me out of my negativity, and I hope they never stop making music. I recommend that you check them out because they dope af.... but seriously... check them NOW!! No pressure :)♡