Another list today because why not? Again, not in any particular order. Hope you enjoy!

1. Matt Black - Fake Rose

"If I had my way then you would be my wife
You even wished that our son got, my green eyes but
I'm too in my dreams, to give you what you wanted"

2. R I T U A L - Too Deep

"The truth is that I couldn’t fake this
Believe in you but I’m still faithless"

3. Tedy - Lost and Found

"Stay with me, hold my hand
and the night will go
run around, light the dark
we'll be beautiful"

4. Teflon Sega - FRZZN 2.0

"Getting used this hangover
'Cuz fucked up is my new sober
I'm always one more day closer
Til the moment I freeze over"

5. JUTES - Notice Me

"I’m really hoping that you notice me
I’m hypnotized by that look in your eye
Said I love you once I’m done I won’t say it twice"

6. Bazzi - Got Friends?

"I'm an honest guy, I've never been one to lie
Try to ever sugarcoat my lines
I'm giving you the truth girl, all the time"

7. Teflon Sega - Beretta Lake (feat. SAINt JHN)

"I'm in that fast lane
Riding from my wrongs
And when I lose my faith
I'm hopeless but I'm yours"

8. Sonder - Feel

"And I chose you, ‘cause you’re all I need
And you chose your man, but your man ain’t me"

9. SAINt JHN - Roses

"Can't handle my behavior when I turn it on
Too fast, never ask, if the life don't last
Done been through it all"

10. Mr. Probz - Streets

"I swear everything that glitters ain't gold
These streets ain’t
These streets ain’t so pretty
I’ve been loving these streets but I don’t wanna love these streets no more"