I touch the tips of my fingers together, so that I believe I am alive. Somehow the universe has created me. My life is a life, in the history of humanity; someone will decide if it is important, or if it is worth remembering. Am I worth remembering?

I am in college now. I never thought that I would make it this far. I remember thinking, throughout high school how much calmer the universe would be if I simply returned to stardust.

Are you comfortable with stardust in your veins?

Here I am; there is a world around me. I look to the stars and wonder when I will return home. My body is a mystery, one that I have trouble living in, if only I could escape. So I find my comfort in the galaxy, with its infinite and restless energy.
The solar system is my home and there is an entire universe within me. Who's lives am I living for them?

Here I am now. With stardust in my veins, looking to the sky for any means of escape. Maybe I'll ask the man in the moon or the stars.