So we are currently trying to recover from hurricane harvey but then irma and jose come and join in to make things even worse. I live in san antonio if you live any where in texas you know that as a born an raised texas blood you can over come anything. its just difficult to leave your homes and memories and what you placed your blood sweat into and what you put your time into even when all those things are taken from us its still amazing to see that people will come together to try to help what you lost and try to give you some hope and show how they come together for your loved ones safety and yours . it makes you realize theirs still humanity in people we come together despite times of racism or religion or any other difference .so even with the hurricane against us lets be positive as possible and try to spread hope and try to help out and let this be a reminder to be content and grateful that we are okay and alive and well but also if you can try to help as much as possible thank you for any one who has helped .

PS: {sorry for any written incorrect words in this article I'm a seventeen year old half asleep from trying to study i guess i need to study harder} :(