For most people, the smell of ground coffee beans and fresh espresso is the best time of the day.

Coffee is a a part of culture, socialization, work, good times, and getting the body energized for the day ahead.
With coffee shops practically around every corner nowadays, getting coffee is as easy as buying a pack of gum.

Starbucks distributes more than a million cups of coffee a day!

With so many people buying coffee, so many people are addicted to coffee; now it is one of the top addictions in the United States!

I may be like you, reading the information without caring because you're still going to drink your coffee everyday.

Let's not take the drastic plunge into caffeine addiction, but enjoy a cup without a worry!

DON'T pick the coffee first!

When it's 6am and a rush to get to school or work, drinking water isn't the first thing on our minds (especially when we're late).
We get in the car, order coffee at Drive Thru or right before class; and that's usually the first thing to drink.

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Breakfast and coffee is always a great duo.

Drinking water before coffee- or eating breakfast- helps activate your insides out of the eight hour fasting period during sleep.
Not to mention, it helps you hydrate at the beginning of the day, which helps with digestion, and overall well-being!

If coffee is the first thing you consume in your system, your throat may become dry, or worse, you can have a serious adrenaline rush!
(I once made a terrible choice to drink a 16oz cup of black coffee for breakfast, which then followed with extreme muscle spams and a feeling like my heart was going to explode).

If you don't have an opportunity to drink water before coffee, make sure you order some with it!
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If you don't like your water in plastic cups, buy a water bottle with your coffee! Or bring your own and ask a barista to fill it for you; water should be free!

DO know your limits!

When 2pm rolls around at work, school, or anywhere else, the 7am coffee feels like has worn out and you probably start thinking if you should go buy another to get you through the evening.

While this is usually fine, having a boat load of caffeine can lead to a hard crash once the caffeine buzz is over!
For some people, drinking coffee after lunchtime leaves them wide awake at night, and they end up getting less sleep from drinking too much coffee!!

You may just need to be hydrated, or have a snack to feed your body energy the right way; food nutrients!

Ultimately, YOU know how your body works, so getting that afternoon coffee is totally up to you.

DON'T be spending all your money for coffee!

Four dollars every morning doesn't bother most of us when we start the day.
But when you find yourself in a coffee shop twice or more a day, you'll have spent more money that you realize by the end of the week!

Try making coffee at home before you leave home!
If you get cravings to try a new latte after having your morning usual, stop and ask yourself "do I really need this today?"
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Do your best to recycle or reuse your cups. The cup you trashed may end up litter on the street or in the ocean; RECYCLE IF YOU CAN!

DO try alternates!

If you feel a need of a break from coffee, but still want caffeine, try having tea or an alternate that works for you!

Green tea has caffeine just like coffee and it's great for your metabolism!

Try adding tea into your morning; maybe twice a week as a coffee replacement!

Not really sure what type or tea to try? Check out this website for some help:

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Not to mention; tea packets are small and easy to carry! Throw some in your pocket or bag for an afternoon break!


If you think your coffee routine is totally fine, then keep doing what you're doing!
If you drink coffee AND tea, THAT'S GREAT!
If you don't drink coffee or tea, that's totally fine too!
Just make sure you leave with a few things in mind:

Be open to change; every human has different beverage preferences!
Always know WHAT you're drinking! Check the menu, ask the servers, read labels!
HYDRATE. HYDRATE. HYDRATE. Water is more important than any coffee beverage.

If you love your Americano or Herbal tea, drink up!
Insert whatever works in YOUR lifestyle that makes you happy and healthy!

If you have any other caffeine concerns, check through this website:

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Here's a toast to the next one!