Maybe sometimes you have to let go
Even if it is really painful
After all the good times we had
It really hurts to think about life
Without you

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The heart in my chest is broken
I don't know why I'm still breathing
All I can think about is
How could it all go so wrong?

death, dead, and art image

I just wanted to make you happy
But I ended up being the reason
For your unhappiness
Because I'm an addict

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I feel like a defect
With a lifelong disease
No one can cure it
But I can recover

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Half of me is fading
I have to find my way
On my own now
I'm scared and lost

alone, city, and black and white image

I wish I had a way
To unsay all the things
And undo all the things
That hurt you so badly

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I know I broke your heart
And I know that you deserve
The very best

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And I'