"The Night Time"

I enjoy the night time
I'm fascinated by the silence at four in the morning
and the way an entire city can go from chaos to silence
or the way the town smells as the sun starts to rise
and you walk down the street and it's cold, even in July
I love that small blue glow that covers the sky
when the sun isn't quite coming up but the stars have subsided
and how you can feel that you have the entire world to yourself
even if it's just for a mere couple of hours

"She Reminds Me of Me"

they don't have to know the whole story
she acts so strong around other people
but so fragile around me
she reminds me of me sometimes

"All Humans Have Abandoned Me"
I'm lonely
I'm sad
I can't sleep
I can't eat
my eyes burn
I haven't smiled in days
all humans have abandoned me

"Burned the Book"

you turned the page
I burned the book
I don't want to continue
this story of you and I
it's over, it's done
my mind can't take
anymore of this
continue your story
with one of your whores
I'm sure she likes
her feelings fucked with
but I don't
so I burned our book

"Stockholm Syndrome"

I fell for you
an obvious trap
I was the unlucky girl
dumb enough
to fall into it
I realize that now
I know you're bad for me
but honestly,
I don't ever wanna leave
I'm stuck in this trap
and I love it here


I'm getting
so sick
of everybody
telling me
what to do

leave me
alone with
my thoughts

I like the
pain that
it makes
me feel

"Love Me"

you sat down
next to me
and I forgot
how to breathe

"don't just fuck
with me
love love
love me"

and unfortunately
that's when I
learned that all
good things must
come to an end

"Life is Shit"

life is shit
and then
you die
but you
me back
to life